Marriage Consulting

Corey and Jodi truly have a kind, loving approach to helping others. They know that everyone has a story and that it shapes who we have become. They share their journey which really makes you feel comfortable. We are learning so many new things each week and look forward to spending our time with them. Their knowledge, experience along with biblical references are applied in all aspects of their teaching. God is restoring and making us better together in our journey with this beautiful couple Corey and Jodi. We are extremely grateful that God has brought us together. We highly recommend Corey and Jodi, they speak hope and light into the darkness of this world. - Marcelino and Tracy

Are you tired of dredging up the past getting nowhere in your relationship?

Does it feel like your kids have divided you?

Wondering why it feels like you have an extra child somedays?

Do you feel like your cohabitating?

Is your marriage emotionally disconnected?

Are you thinking I didn't sign-up for this?

mmmHmm, we get it! Within our 23 years of marriage, we have walked through that same fire you're going through right now. We believe having the capacity to stay in the day, comes down to one thing, IDENTITY.

Who am I in Christ?

Not what our past tells us who we are but what does our Heavenly Father say who we are in Him. Once we establish the answer to this question, then we can move forward within a healthy marriage. Using our story and Biblically-based curriculum, Jodi and I are committed to walking alongside you in this journey called marriage.

Picture a triangle with Christ at the top, you and your spouse at the bottom left and right. As you move closer to Christ in your identity, the closer you and your spouse will become.

Understanding who you truly are as a Christ-follower and how to navigate life and LOVE through His eyes changes everything.