Who am I, really, beneath all the layers of mixed-up messaging I've internalized through the years?
Anchored lit the path to Truth and Jodi has been a safe companion for the journey.
I am chosen! Beloved! And designed to love as He loves. - Monique

The Anchored day workshop has been life-changing for my daughter and I. We have gained tools that helped with our communication, so there are less hurts and I can make sure she is feeling heard.It has also deepened our relationship to a point that we do not take each other for granted. The Anchored workshop also helped us see the lies we were believing to begin the work of releasing those so that we can live more fully knowing who we are.  - Heather 

“ This study was a blessing that I didn’t know I needed. Walking through Anchored challenged me to realign how I am approaching life and who I am allowing to influence my life with who God says I am and what his promises are for me. Through this, I came to both better understand my story and appreciate who I am more genuinely. I am so thankful for Jodi’s mentorship, wisdom, and loving heart in it all. 

It was an irreplaceable experience."-Britney 

What is Anchored?

This video is connected to the Youtube Channel for Andrew Marjoram, and YWAM and JesusLand TV. This Message is not affiliated with the Halo Project of Oklahoma City. It is a great representation of the journey to identity and how to gain secure attachment the Biblical way.

Have you ever wondered why you love Jesus but life still sucks?

 I have the answer for you. Your struggle is in your story. For most people, that story defines your life. It can also help you understand why you think and feel like you do.

You are created in three parts: body, soul, and spirit. Saying "Yes" to Jesus, causes your spirit to awaken to the light and path.  Your identity is defined by who God says you are through the Word and your intimate relationship with Him. 

However, your soul needs to go through refining, to become like Jesus. You see, as a child, without the continual presence of a loving, consistent, attuned caregiver, we often don't develop the capacity to be able to handle simple things in life…simply because life in itself can be overwhelming.  Because of this, we begin to believe lies about ourselves and our stories. Old thoughts and patterns need to be neurologically rewired so that your belief system becomes defined by King Jesus. This rewiring helps to rewrite your story.

Self-Worth and Kingdom identity are the foundations of who you are as a human being. It forms your life story and plays a role in each decision you make and every relationship you have. It helps sustain you through difficult times and helps you experience authentic joy and love! 

We will take a deep dive into helping you learn about the lies and messages you may be believing about yourself that prevent you from living out your worth in Christ.  Come prepared with the courage to learn the truth about yourself...that you have immeasurable value and are so very precious. Be ready for lasting change!

Anchored Workshop Testimonial ... I attended the workshop with you and the many girls in the family. It was truly amazing! I was a little unsure at first feeling like we would all have little thoughts that we would still want to keep hidden away. However, my daughter and granddaughter spoke so highly of you that I decided to trust the process. (I was afraid because my shortcomings as a mother impacted all of them and that is all I focused on) You Did such a great job gently leading and drawing us all out in such a safe way that I, and I believe the others, felt it and was able to also lean into the process. Between your sharing, gentleness, and hands-on activities, I was able to start the process of thinking through the past, healing, and looking forward to the future without all the guilt and shame that kept me stuck for so long! Thank you, thank you for the tools that you taught me that day.  You are a blessing. - Cindy

Testimonial... I wanted to thank you again for walking me through my awareness of my relationship with David

God is SO gentle and loving to us, isn’t He?! This morning He is showing me that I have been “unwilling “ in areas of my life....especially in parenting my adopted kids... it’s a lot easier to ignore your unwillingness with your biological kids because they don’t know you any differently

However, with adoption, you really can’t expect the same.  You are as new to them as they are to you.  It’s SO easy to blame the kids’ trauma for all of your relationship chaos... instead, I really believe that God uses these precious special children to show us a truer reflection of our own state of being and our hearts.  The enemy really wanted me to live in shame yesterday.  Blaming myself for not being good enough! Not today!! Thank you for your guidance and love 


Anchored is a 10-week course to redefine your Self-Worth and identity as a child of God.

If you are interested in a group session Anchored can be presented in an overview in a 1-day training or weekend retreat.

Once the course is completed ongoing coaching is available to support your newly defined worth and identity as a child of the King by:

Material presented with Anchored, a Bible study on self-worth by Cindy Lee.