Making Sense of Your Past Worth

I have learned so much about myself during my self-worth journey with Jodi. I didn't know how much my childhood really ties into my adult life and can affect my children. Knowledge is power. - Kelly

What is Making Sense of Your Past Worth?

Raivu Ministries is in no way endorsed by NightBirdie, we just are moved by her story, no matter what you are going through... it's OK.

Everyone has a story.

For most people, that story defines your life. It was never meant to be that way. Without the presence of a loving, consistent, attuned caregiver, we often don't fully develop the capacity to be able to handle simple things in life…simply because life in itself can be overwhelming. It is in our stories that we struggle to move forward and become able to participate fully in our present life.

Self-Worth is the foundation of who you are as a human being. It plays a role in every decision you make and in every relationship you have. It helps sustain you through difficult times and helps you experience authentic joy and love! 

Making Sense of Your Worth is an 8-week course to better understand what self-worth is and what it means to be seen, heard, and valued. We will take a deep dive into helping you learn about the lies and messages you may believe about yourself that prevent you from living out your worth. 

Topics covered will include:

Upon course completion, ongoing coaching is available to support your newly defined worth.

No matter what comes your way,  living a life with high Self-Worth will enable you to stay in the moment and choose peace and joy!

Making Sense of Your Past Worth was created by Cindy Lee at The Halo Project, Oklahoma City, OK