My husband and I have 2 boys age 7 1/2 and 4 that we adopted at birth. We love our boys, but were at a low with parenting and didn't know which way to reach out. We had been dealing with certain behaviors, sibling rivalry and other challenges. Many of our family members, friends and even teachers that don't have adopted children could not understand what we were going through. I heard the ad on the radio and gave her a call right away! Jodi is trained in something called TBRI. We had learned the basics of this years ago and the course is life giving for families like ours with adopted or foster kids, but I believe is perfect for any family. We had never found a person in the area that was familiar with this until we found Jodi. She was able to come into our home and teach us practical ideas and help set some foundational ground rules with our family. The kids were able to participate as well. Jodi is someone that is very down to earth, listens and is available in the future whenever questions pop up. She is a great resource, but most of all she gave us hope for the future with our family. I look forward to taking a course with her in the near future to dive deeper into this journey - Parent