"We are so thankful for the time you(Jodi) took to work with us! We’ve had plenty of opportunity to practice getting regulated (with lots of gum and blowing up balloons). It’s been great! I laminated the beautiful picture you drew and the message from God because I know I’ll be referencing them a lot. I’m making a point to read those messages from God out-loud to the kids during the day. It is very encouraging to be on this path and to know you are available to help us!! Thank you again! You are a sweet gift from God!!" - Jenny

"We brought our daughter home, at age 2.4. For the first years, things seemed fine but when our daughter was about 8 years old, we began to see a huge change in her behavior. She would push us away. She needed help and wanted help but refused to accept it from us. Her behavior continued to escalate and it was affecting the entire family. We felt like we were in a constant battle. After about 3.5 years, we had come to the end of our rope. We found Jodi through a friend and began working with her in September of 2019.

Jodi has been a Godsend. We truly believe that God placed her in our lives at just the right time to help us grow and change as parents. The biggest thing she did was constantly point us back to Jesus and truth. Our daughter is precious and beautiful and a child of God. We had lost sight of these things. We needed our hearts changed to help us help her.

Working with Jodi has helped us see our part in our daughter’s behaviors and what we were bringing to the relationship. We had assumed that her behavior was because she was being manipulative or naughty. We did not understand how early childhood adversity affects a child’s brain and nervous system. We thought she was purposely doing naughty things or not obeying. We didn’t look for the need behind her behavior. We did not understand how when her lid gets flipped she gets stuck in the “fight” response because of how her brain works.

Jodi has helped us learn how to use the TBRI® Connecting, Empowering and Correcting principles and we have seen some amazing growth, not only in our daughter, but in ourselves. We learned how to stop and listen to our daughter; to let her have a voice in things, to look beyond the behavior for the need that she has. To give her choices and compromises and tools to help her regulate her body.

As a former elementary school teacher (of 20 years), I wish I would have had these principles to use in my classroom. I think every parent and adult working with children should be trained in TBRI®." - Gina


"Implementation has worked for us. It was important for us even just to spend that time with community who understood where we were. As are kids are moving into the next developmental phase, as it always does, some behaviors seem to get smaller, and others seem to get bigger. It is frustrating, but it is definitely less a place of chaos than when we started in this parenting journey. We appreciated the language you provided us. We have adopted some of those phrases into our day to day life. The TBRI® training has equipped us to leave the space our children need to explore their emotions and also cemented for me personally that there is space for my emotions." - Samantha


“Your role playing the various TBRI® techniques for us during the training was very helpful. You have a good grasp on these parenting techniques and I can see you would be a wonderful parent coach. I can clearly see how these parenting techniques are beneficial for all kids, but especially those who come from hard places.” -Social Worker


"I am blessed by to have Jodi walk with me on my life journey as a mentor. She speaks truth into my life in love, causing me to grow stronger in my relationship with others and God. I am becoming healthier by decisions I am learning to make. I am so very grateful for her ability to listen and understand how much real-life situations impact people as individuals. Her willingness to take the time to help me focus on maturing socially, emotionally and spiritually transform my life for the positive." -Kay


"When I first met Jodi, I was so excited to start our adventure together. I had a feeling I was going to learn a lot from her, and I did. Jodi became a role-model in my life, and I did not have many at the time. I always look forward to meeting with her on our days, because we did really fun things, and I felt like I could tell Jodi anything. We played board games, went to the library, went strawberry picking, grabbed a coffee, and even went to a farm to see animals. The time I spent with Jodi was awesome, and she taught me and my sister so many life lessons, that we will always keep with us." -Kirsten


"Having the support, the push and the drive for children to have a purpose in today's society, Raivu really gives these children that option. To have a leader that understands and has real-life situations to relate shows these kids that there is more to life than what you would expect." -Ken